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 If you find yourself in any of these categories, the answer is YES!! 

  • You need help learning how to navigate life's everyday interruptions
  • You are tired of making emotional decisions and need a greater sense of confidence to make quality decisions.
  • You are ready to rediscover your true God-given identity and increase intimacy in your relationship with God.
  • You are ready to break free from emotional baggage that has hindered you for years. 
  • You are ready to set boundaries in the chaotic relationships in your everyday life. 
  • You are at a crossroads in your relationship and need guidance and mentoring to help empower you to make the right decision. 
  • You are tired of sabotaging your own progress in life and relationships.

What's included with your free session?

  •  (1) 20 minute sessions by recorded Conference call or Zoom
  • Wheel of Life Assessment 

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Come and sit at the table with Breakthrough Coach Mary.

This 20 minute session is designed to get you unstuck and propel you in the right direction in your everyday life and relationship. 



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What Are Others Saying? 

Mary's work as a motivational coach is consistent, effective and life changing! Working with Mary has catapulted and activated my plans for professional advancement. My professional goal of taking the National Counselor Exam is no longer a written plan, but it is plan that has life! I have a mentor, study materials, a study schedule and I'm studying! She is a motivational fire starter! 


Mary Pinckney is a blessing to the Body of Christ. Her coaching style is hands on where you can immediately apply the tips she offer. She helps you to get to the root of your problem so you can move forward. My desire to start my own business is no longer a dream but a reality. I have made great gains towards it in just 5 sessions! Thank you for all you've done! 


Women in ministries face a lot of challenges with home, work, children, church, the community and the list goes on. Having someone to talk to who is rooted in the word of God, someone you can trust, someone who lead you using the word and not telling you what you want to hear is truly a gift from God.  

Mary has guided me through the darkness of managing stress, the darkness of difficulties in life, the darkness of self esteem, and the darkness of problems in my marriage, the list goes on.  

I thank God for pouring his light on Mary. allowing her to be a beacon for me and other women telling us that the light of His presence will give us peace and joy! 


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